Your Number Belongs to you,
not to the operator

What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) – is a service of FULL mobile number transfer to another operator. Change the mobile operator while keeping ALL your number including the code.

Your number – is a huge part of your life.
There are:

  • bank and discount cards;
  • social media accounts;
  • access to web-sites and mobile apps;
  • your family, friends and clients contact information.

Mobile number is your personal information. With MNP launch in Ukraine your number will belong to you, not to mobile operators.


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What is MNP?
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is the service of transfer subscriber from one mobile operator to another with full number maintenance. This means that all the digits, along with those we used to call “the operator code”, will remain unchanged. At last the number that really is tied to a huge part of your life will not belong to operator but ultimately to you.
Does the MNP exists in other countries?

Around the globe it’s regarded that the maintenance of the mobile number with the client when changing the operator is a legitimate consumer right. Moreover, it is a sign of healthy competition in the telecommunications market. Currently this service is available in more than 80 countries.

Here in Ukraine MNP was waited for 9 years. Many people worked hard to make it real for all of us to be able to change our mobile operator fast, easy and free of charge.

Number is your personal information and no one, except for you, has the right to use it. With the appearance of MNP you will be able to take away from operators what should only belong to you.

What do I need to transfer my number to another operator?

Please make sure that the number is registered for you at the operator’s database. For that you need to call to the operator or visit its official store. Operators’ employees at the store or at call-center will inform you if your number is registered by you. If it does, then you can start the transfer procedure straight away.

  1. If the number is not registered for you, then you need to go through the procedure of registration at your current operator;

  2. Apply for the potation to another operator of your choice;

    The application form can be filled on-line at the operator’s web-site or personally in the operator’s brand store.

  3. Receive new SIM-card at which you number will be transferred.

    Right after the operator, whom you are moving from, consents the transfer of your number, you will be able to get a new SIM card at your chosen operator’s brand store. Then your number will be transferred automatically.

What is the number registration?
It’s a procedure necessary for prepaid subscribers in order to connect their number to their name and have the full right to move it from operator to operator.
How can I register my number?

In order to register a number you need to visit your personal account on your current operator’s web- site. There you need to check its status (it is registered or not). And if necessary, fill in the application, having confirmed it by . Electronic Digital Signature (EDS).

Offline registration is possible as well. It can be carried out at any brand store of your current operator by submitting one of documents from the list.

Are there reasons to be turned down of number transfer?
Yes, there are a number of reasons why the current operator or system may refuse the subscriber in porting.
Reasons for rejection by the current operator:
  1. number is not registered;
  2. number is registered for another person;
  3. the application form is filled with incorrect or false information;
  4. the provision of services has been suspended for reasons provided by law (fraud and other).
Reasons for rejection by the system:
  1. when after the previous number transfer less than 30 calendar days passed;
  2. when the subscriber has applied for the number transfer to several mobile operators.
What should be done if the current operator rejected the number transfer?
Make sure that your number is registered by you. Check that your full name is entered correctly in the registration form. Keep in mind, that lack of application forms or relevant electronic forms or staff incompetence cannot be reasons for the registration denial. If you come to the current operator's store with the relevant document, you have all rights to request immediate start of the registration procedure.
What should be done if the system rejected the number transfer?
  1. if the number transfer was refused due to the fact that the previous porting took place less than 30 days ago - just wait;
  2. if the refusal came from the fact that you applied for the number transfer to several operators at once, then the application was rejected in all cases. Please select just one operator and transfer the number to it.
Documents that can be submitted for number registration

In order to register the number for you, one of the documents listed below is necessary to be introduced:

  1. passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  2. passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad;
  3. diplomatic passport;
  4. service passport of Ukraine;
  5. seafarer’s identity certificate;
  6. crew member certificate;
  7. identity certificate for return to Ukraine;
  8. temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine;
  9. driving license;
  10. identity without citizenship to travel abroad;
  11. residence permit;
  12. permit for permanent/temporary residence;
  13. migration card;
  14. refugee certificate;
  15. refugee travel document;
  16. identity of a person who requires additional protection;
  17. travel document of the person to whom additional protection is provided;
  18. the registration number of Ukraine taxpayer's card.
Where to receive the Electronic Digital Signature?
Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) has every client of “PrivatBank”. For more details please follow the link:
How to find out that you are calling to a ported number?
When making a call to the ported number the subscriber will hear an automatic voice message.