Your Number Belongs to you,
not to the operator

What is MNP?

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a mobile number porting service (fully retaining the number while changing the operator)

Now you can port your number to lifecell from any mobile operator in Ukraine, while fully retaining your number (including the code). Meaning, if your number starts with 067, 097, 066, 050 or other codes, it will remain the same.

Your number is half of your life.
It has:

  • bank and discount cards;
  • social media accounts;
  • access to websites and mobile applications;
  • contacts with friends, relatives, or clients.

Your mobile number is your personal information.
With the advent of MNP in Ukraine, your number will belong to you, not to the operators.

The application procedure is not yet optimal. We at lifecell believe that it needs to be simplified, because in some countries you can simply change the operator through an SMS request.

You can also help us with this process.

File a complaint to let regulators know that you are requesting the fullest possible exercise of your right to choose a mobile operator and retain your number.



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What is MNP?
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is a service of number porting (transition of a subscriber) from one mobile operator to another while fully retaining the number. It means that all numbers, along with those that we now call the operator code, will remain unchanged. Finally, the number that encompasses half of your life will belong to you, not the operator.
Do other countries have MNP?

In the world, it is believed that retaining the subscriber's number when changing the operator is a legal right of the consumer and a sign of healthy competition in the telecommunications market. At the moment, this service is available in more than 80 countries.

In Ukraine, people have been waiting for MNP for 9 years. Lots of people worked hard for each of us to finally be able to change the mobile operator quickly, easily, and for free in 2019.

The number is your personal information, and nobody except you has the right to use it. With the advent of MNP in Ukraine, you can finally take away from the operators what should only belong to you.

What advantages will I get from MNP (number porting) to lifecell?

For all subscribers, who use mobile number portability service, the cost of service packages for 4 weeks will be reduced up to 40% lower compared to a usual cost in the next tariff plans: Simple Life, Smart Life, Free Life, Platinum Life, Simple Life. Region, Smart Life. Region, Free Life. Region, Platinum Life. Region. More details are on the web site:

What do I need to port the number to lifecell?
  1. Make sure the number is registered in your name;

    To do this, you need to call your operator or visit their official store. The store or call centre personnel will tell you whether the number is registered in your name. If yes, feel free to start the number porting procedure.

  2. If the number is not registered, you need to register it with the current operator.

  3. Apply for porting the number to lifecell.

    The application can be submitted online or in person – at the operator's website or at a brand store.

  4. Get a new lifecell SIM-card to which the number will be ported.

    Once the operator from which you are porting agrees to port your number, you'll be able to visit the nearest lifecell brand store and obtain a new SIM card, where your number will be ported automatically.

What is number registration?
This procedure is necessary to prepaid subscribers to attach their number to their name and have every right to retain the number when changing the operator.
How can I register my number?

To register your number, you need to go to your personal account on your current operator's website, check the status of the number (registered or not), and, if necessary, complete an application, certifying it with your electronic digital signature (EDS).

You can register the number offline at your current operator's brand store by providing any document from the list.

Can my porting the number to lifecell be refused?
Yes, there are a number of reasons why the current operator or system may refuse to port the subscriber's number to lifecell.
Reasons why the current operator can reject mobile number porting:
  1. the number is not registered;
  2. the number is registered to another person;
  3. the subscriber has given incomplete and/or incorrect data when applying for number porting;
  4. the provision of services was terminated for reasons stipulated by law (fraud, etc.).
Reasons why the system can reject mobile number porting:
  1. the last number porting was less than 30 days ago;
  2. the subscriber has applied for number porting to several mobile operators.
What do I do when my current operator has refused to port my number?
Make sure your number is registered in your name and that your full name is indicated correctly at registration. Please note that the absence of application forms, appropriate electronic forms or incompetence of personnel may not be the reason for refusal of registration. If you come to the store of the current operator with the appropriate document, ask that the number registration procedure is commences immediately.
What to do if the system refused to port the number to lifecell?
  1. If the number porting is denied due to the fact that less than 30 days have passed since last porting, just wait.
  2. If the refusal is due to the fact that you submitted application for number porting to several operators, it means that the application has been declined in all cases. Pick lifecell and port your number to it.
Documents that can be submitted for number registration

In order to register the number for you, one of the documents listed below is necessary to be introduced:

  1. passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  2. passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad;
  3. diplomatic passport;
  4. service passport of Ukraine;
  5. seafarer’s identity certificate;
  6. crew member certificate;
  7. identity certificate for return to Ukraine;
  8. temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine;
  9. driving license;
  10. identity without citizenship to travel abroad;
  11. residence permit;
  12. permit for permanent/temporary residence;
  13. migration card;
  14. refugee certificate;
  15. refugee travel document;
  16. identity of a person who requires additional protection;
  17. travel document of the person to whom additional protection is provided;
  18. the registration number of Ukraine taxpayer's card.
Where do I get a Digital Signature?
Clients of PrivatBank can get an electronic signature (EDS). Detailed instructions for obtaining EDS at:
How do you know that you are calling a ported number?
When dialling a ported number (including one ported to lifecell), subscribers will hear an automatic voice message.