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With MNP in Ukraine, your number belongs to you, rather than operators!

Mobile Number Portability (MNP) is porting your mobile number along with the code to another operator. If the number starts with 067, 097, 066, 050 or any other code, it will remain the same after it's ported.

If you are in doubt, whether you should port, you can compare your operator's (Vodafone, Kyivstar) tariffs to lifecell's tariffs and your doubts will be dispelled😊

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For subscribers of Vodafone!

Before submitting an application, make sure that you do not have the Number reservation service connected: dial *181*9#. To deactivate the service, dial *181*8#

More on portability

Application and identification

You can apply online or at a lifecell store. If your number is not identified (registered), i. e., is not attached to your passport details, you can do it when submitting the application, using the QES/BankID and your identification document. The data in the application must coincide with the details in the document used for identification (registration) of your number.


Number portability on SIM/eSIM lifecell

To port your number you need a lifecell SIM card, which you can get in a convenient way for you:

online Online

Once the application is approved, you will be able to port the number by yourself in the Check the application status section.

SIM card types:

shop In a lifecell shop

When applying or no later than 3 hours before the time of portability, you’ve selected in the application. You must have a phone with the number you want to port, because the confirmation code will be sent to it.


Preparing your SIM card for portability

Insert the lifecell SIM card/add eSIM into your phone before porting the number you've chosen in the application. We'll inform you about it in advance.

If you've failed to get the lifecell SIM card by this time or enter its data (online), the portability will be suspended until the next business day. The new date and time will be notified in an SMS message.

Advantages in lifecell


Special price by porting

Choose a tariff with up to 45% benefit
after the number is ported


PLATINUM Club privileges

Enjoy PLATINUM privileges for 90 days


Free internet sharing

Share your mobile internet
via devices without limits


4.5G* mobile internet

Use mobile Internet from lifecell

*4.5G statement means LTE Advanced Pro standard which belongs to the 4th communication generation (4G). To provide 4th generation communication services, lifecell LLC uses radio equipment that meets the 13 and 14 3GPP releases, i.e., the requirements of the LTE Advanced Pro standard. More information on the terms of service can be found on lifecell.ua, 0 800 20 5433 (free within Ukraine), 5433 (free within lifecell network), lifecell sales outlets.

Your number remains with you, so you:


don't have to worry about registering new accounts


use banking without extra trouble


remain connected to your family, friends, and colleagues with the number they are familiar with


keep the histories related to your number

Well then, let's compare the tariffs so that you can choose the best option?



What is MNP?
Mobile Number Portability (MNP) - is a porting service (subscriber transfer) from one mobile operator to another with keeping the full preservation of the number. It means that all the digits, along with what we now call the code, will remain unchanged. Finally, the number you are staying with for a long time will not belong to the operator, but to you.
How much does MNP cost?
It's free. In addition, you will get a special price for separate tariffs when the number is ported.
How to port the number to lifecell?
  1. Apply for porting the number to lifecell.

    The application can be submitted online on the operator's website or in person in a branded lifecell shop.

    If you are identified by the current operator, you can immediately apply for porting the number to lifecell.

    If you are not identified by the current operator, you can identify yourself in the lifecell network before submitting the application online (using QES or BankID) or visit a lifecell shop for identification and to apply for portability.

    For identification in a lifecell shop and personally applying for the number portability, you need to have an identity document with you and the active number which you want to port.

  2. Choose how you would prefer to get a new lifecell SIM card your number will be ported to.

    You can get a new SIM card for free in the nearest lifecell shop or buy any lifecell starter package and enter data of the new SIM card here on the website (online portability). If your phone supports eSIM technology, you can choose eSIM for free during online portability and port your number to it. Find out if my phone supports eSIM.

Do I need a lifecell SIM card for the portability?
Yes, you do. It can be a common lifecell SIM card or a free digital eSIM, if your smartphone supports this technology.Find out if my phone supports eSIM.
How can I get a lifecell SIM card?
Choose a method convenient for you:
  1. buy any starter package in a supermarket or other points of sale
  2. buy online on shop.lifecell.ua Starter packages
  3. get it for free in the nearest lifecell shop when your application is approved
  4. get a free eSIM if your smartphone supports this technology
What is online portability?
This is a quick number portability here on the website. When your application is approved, in the "Check the application status" section, you will have access to the form for self-entering data of the lifecell SIM card (or eSIM) your number will be ported to.
What do I need for online portability?
You need to have a new non-activated lifecell SIM card. This can be the Universal starter package, where you need to choose a tariff plan after its activation, or another one that includes the tariff plan on terms of which you will be served once the number is ported. If your device supports eSIM, you can choose eSIM during online portability and port your number to it.Check if my phone supports eSIM.
I have a lifecell SIM card, can I port my phone number to it?
Yes, you can, if this SIM card is new and NON-ACTIVATED, and its activation is free (i.e., no top-up is required to activate it). Once your application is approved, you can port your number to this SIM card ("Check the application status", "Online portability").
Can I change my tariff plan since the number is ported?
Yes, you can.
When will my number be ported?
Since all 3 steps are completed:
  1. you applied, and your application was approved by the current operator;
  2. you got a new SIM card in the lifecell shop or entered data of any non-activated lifecell SIM card on the website (online portability);
  3. you inserted your SIM card into the phone (or preactivated eSIM) at the time selected while applying. Even if you didn't do this last step - your number would be ported anyway at the time selected while applying.
Since the number is successfully ported, you will receive a welcome SMS from lifecell that you are already in the lifecell network.
What advantages will I get from MNP (number porting) to lifecell?

For all subscribers, who use mobile number portability service, the cost of service packages for 4 weeks will be reduced up to 45% lower compared to a usual cost in the next tariff plans: Simple Life, Smart Life, Free Life, Platinum Life, Free Life. Region, Dzvinkiy BEZMEZH, Internet BEZMEZH. More details are on the web site: lifecell.ua.

What is number identification?
This procedure is necessary to prepaid subscribers to attach their number to their name and have every right to retain the number when changing the operator.
How can I do identification?

If you are not identified by the current operator, you can identify yourself in the lifecell network before applying online (using EDS or BankID) or visit a lifecell store for identification and apply submission for the porting.

For identification in the lifecell store and personally submit an application for number portability, you need to have an identity list with you and the active number that you want to port.

Can my porting the number to lifecell be refused?
Yes, there are a number of reasons why the current operator or system may refuse to port the subscriber's number to lifecell.
Reasons why the current operator can reject mobile number porting
  1. the identification status is indicated incorrectly when submitting an application;
  2. the number is identified to another person;
  3. the transfer application contains incomplete or inaccurate data;
  4. the provision of services was terminated for reasons stipulated by law (fraud and others).
Reasons why the system can reject mobile number porting
  1. the last number porting was less than 30 days ago;
  2. the subscriber has applied for number porting to several mobile operators.
What do I do when my current operator has refused to port my number?
Make sure you indicate the identification status with the current operator correctly. If you are identified by the current operator, make sure that your full name was entered correctly during identification.
What to do if the system refused to port the number to lifecell?
  1. If the number porting is denied due to the fact that less than 30 days have passed since last porting, just wait.
  2. If the refusal is due to the fact that you submitted application for number porting to several operators, it means that the application has been declined in all cases. Pick lifecell and port your number to it.
Documents that can be submitted for identification

To do identification, one of the documents listed below is necessary to be introduced:

  1. passport of the citizen of Ukraine;
  2. passport of the citizen of Ukraine for travelling abroad;
  3. diplomatic passport;
  4. service passport of Ukraine;
  5. seafarer’s identity certificate;
  6. crew member certificate;
  7. identity certificate for return to Ukraine;
  8. temporary certificate of the citizen of Ukraine;
  9. driving license;
  10. identity without citizenship to travel abroad;
  11. residence permit;
  12. permit for permanent/temporary residence;
  13. migration card;
  14. refugee certificate;
  15. refugee travel document;
  16. identity of a person who requires additional protection;
  17. travel document of the person to whom additional protection is provided;
  18. the registration number of Ukraine taxpayer's card.
Where do I get a qualified e-signature?
Please note that the concept of EDS has changed to QES, that is, a qualified electronic signature. You can get QES in PrivatBank, in Diya app and in other qualified trust service providers (QTSP). To get an electronic signature online and free of charge, you need to be a client of PrivatBank and a user of the Privat24 online banking system.
Subscriber service forms
  • impersonal subscriber is a subscriber who receives services without concluding a written contract and has not undergone the identification procedure;
  • identified subscriber is a subscriber who receives services without concluding a written contract but has undergone the identification procedure;
  • contract subscriber is a subscriber who receives services under the terms of a written contract.
How do you know that you are calling a ported number?
When dialling a ported number (including one ported to lifecell), subscribers will hear an automatic voice message.
Is there an MNP in other countries?

In the world, it is believed that retaining the subscriber's number when changing the operator is a legal right of the consumer and a sign of healthy competition in the telecommunications market. At the moment, this service is available in more than 80 countries.

In Ukraine, people have been waiting for MNP for 9 years. Lots of people worked hard for each of us to finally be able to change the mobile operator quickly, easily, and for free in 2019.

The number is your personal information, and nobody except you has the right to use it. With the advent of MNP in Ukraine, you can finally take away from the operators what should only belong to you.